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Oysters a la Marechale

(Fish) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Stew very gently in four ounces of butter some thinly sliced truffles
and mushrooms. After cooking ten minutes add salt, white pepper,
cayenne and mace. Stir in four large tablespoonfuls of flour and mix
well together while it thickens. Put in the liquor of the oysters
which has been scalded and skimmed. Then add milk (boiling) enough to
make it as thick as cream. Take from the fire and stir in the yolks of
four eggs beaten well with the juice of a lime and a tablespoonful of
Cover each oyster thickly with some of the mixture and allow it to
cool. Then roll twice in beaten egg and bread crumbs. Fry to a light
brown in butter and serve very hot.

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