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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pick the plums over carefully, removing every one that has a decayed
spot or blemish. Leave the stems on. After picking the fruit over, wash
it carefully in cold water; then weigh it and allow one pound of sugar
to each pound of fruit. Put a gill of water in the preserving kettle for
each pound of sugar, stand the kettle over a moderate fire and add the
sugar. Stir it almost constantly with a wooden spoon until the sugar
melts; then turn on a little more heat and let the melted sugar boil
gently until it is a thick syrup. Stir, and skim it frequently. When the
required thickness (which should be like syrup used for griddle cakes)
put the plums in the boiling syrup and let them cook gently for half an
hour; then skim out the plums and put them in glass jars, filling each
jar half full. Let the syrup boil till almost as thick as jelly, then
pour it in the jars, filling them quite full. Fasten the tops on and
stand the jars upside down until the preserves are cold; then put them
where they are to be kept for the winter.

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