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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Wipe off each quince before paring, core and slice them, weigh your
fruit and sugar, allowing 3/4 of a pound of sugar for every pound of
fruit and set the sugar aside until wanted. Boil the skins, cores and
seeds in a clean vessel by themselves, with just enough water to cover
them. Boil until the parings are soft, so as to extract all the flavor,
then strain through a jelly-bag. When this water is almost cold, put the
quinces in the preserving kettle with the quince water and boil until
soft, mash with a wooden spoon or beetle. Add the juice of an orange to
every two pounds of fruit, being careful not to get any of the seeds
into the preserves. Now add the sugar and boil slowly for fifteen
minutes, stirring constantly; if not thick enough boil longer, being
very careful not to let it burn. Take off the fire and pack in small
jars with brandied paper over them.

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