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(Cookies) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Chop one cup of rhubarb and one cup of raisins together, add two
tablespoons of melted butter or chicken fat, grated rind and juice of
one lemon, one cup of sugar, one well beaten egg, one-quarter cup of
bread or cracker crumbs, one-half teaspoon of salt; mix all ingredients
thoroughly. Bake between two rounds of pastry. Canned rhubarb may be
In baking small cakes and cookies, grease the pans. If the pans cool
before you can take off the cookies, set back on stove for a few
moments. The cakes will then slip off easily. Sponge, drop cakes, anise
cakes, etc., are better baked on floured pans.
A whole raisin, an almond blanched, a piece of citron or half a walnut
may be used to decorate.
A good way to glaze is, when cookies are about baked, rub over with a
brush dipped in sugar and water and return to oven a moment.
Make a paste by working three-fourths pound of butter into one pound of
flour, with three-fourths pound of light brown sugar, one egg, one
teaspoon of cinnamon, and a pinch of salt.
Next mix one-half pound of finely chopped citron peel with one-half
pound of ground almonds, and three ounces of butter. Then flavor with
one-half teaspoon of vanilla and bind with the yolks of two eggs.
Roll out the dough and divide into two parts. Place one-half on a
well-buttered flat pan and spread the mixture over it and cover with the
other half of the paste. Brush with beaten egg, sprinkle with poppy seed
and bake in a moderately quick oven for one-half hour. When done let
cool and then cut into square or oblong pieces.
The butter cakes may be made of one layer of dough sprinkled with citron
and almonds and some poppy seed.

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