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Seasoning For Soups And Brown Sauces

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Salt a bullock's liver, pressing it thoroughly with a great weight for

four days. Take ginger and every sort of spice that is used to meat, and

half a pound of brown sugar, a good quantity of saltpetre, and a pound

of juniper-berries. Rub the whole in thoroughly, and let it lie six

weeks in the liquor, boiling and skimming every three days, for an hour

or two, till the liver becomes as hard as a board. Then steep it in the

smoke liquor that is used for hams, and afterwards hang it up to smoke

for a considerable time. When used, cut slices as thin as a wafer, and

stew them down with the jelly of which you make your sauce or soup, and

it will give a delightful flavour.

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