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Soupe Sante Or Wholesome Soup

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take beef and veal cut in thin slices; put sliced turnips, carrots,

onions, bacon, in the bottom of your stewpan; lay your meat upon these,

and over it some thin thyme, parsley, a head or two of celery. Cover the

whole down; set it over a charcoal fire; draw it down till it sticks to

the bottom; then fill up with the above stock. Let it boil slowly till

the goodness is extracted from your meat; then strain it off. Cut and

wash some celery, endive, sorrel, a little chervil, spinach, and a piece

of leek; put these in a stewpan, with a bit of butter. Stew till tender,

then put this in your soup; give it a boil up together, and skim the fat

off. Cut off the crust of French rolls; dry and soak them in some of

your soup; put them into it, and serve your soup.

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