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(Pancakes, Fritters, Etc.) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Two cups of boiled squash, half a cup of flour, one teaspoon of
baking-powder, one egg and two tablespoons of milk. It is assumed that
the squash has been prepared as a vegetable, with seasoning and a little
butter, and what is here used is a cold, left over portion of the same.
Mix baking-powder with the flour and add to the squash; add milk and
stir all together. Beat egg and stir in. Have hot fat in pan and drop
fritters from spoon into pan. When browned on both sides remove to hot

Other Recipes

Summer Squash Fritters

Use three medium sized squashes; pare, cut up and boil tender, drain

thoroughly and mash, season with pepper and salt; add one cupful of milk

(cream is better), the yolks of two eggs and sufficient sifted flour to

make a very stiff batter, or they will be hard to turn; lastly, stir in

the beaten whites of the eggs. Fry brown in hot fat.

Other Recipes

Squash Fritters

A heaping cupful of Hubbard squash baked and mashed, stir into it a

heaping tablespoonful of butter, a heaping tablespoonful of flour, a cup

of milk, salt and pepper to taste, and one egg beaten light. Mix well

and bake or fry as griddle cakes.

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