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(Belgian) - (The Belgian Cook-book)

Take a lump of butter the size of an egg, and let it color in a saucepan.
Slice some onions and fry them in another pan. When fried, add them to
the butter with some sliced carrots, a few small onions, and your pieces
of veal, salt, and pepper. Add a small quantity of water, and close the
lid on the saucepan. When the meat is tender, you can thicken the sauce
with a little flour. This is a good way to use veal that is hard, or
parts that are not the best cuts.

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Take your veal, which need not be from the fillet or the best cuts. Cut
it into pieces about an inch long and add a little water when putting it
into the pan; salt, pepper and a little nutmeg, and let it simmer for two
hours. When tender, stir in the juice of half a lemon, and then bind the
sauce with the yolk of an egg, or, in default of that, with a little
flour. Serve immediately. You will find that when you wish to bind a
sauce at the last minute, egg powder will serve very well.
[_V. Verachtert_.]

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Veal Cake

Take thin slices of veal, and fat and lean slices of ham, and lay the

bottom of a basin or mould with one slice of each in rows. Chop some

sweet-herbs very small, and fill the basin with alternate layers of veal

and ham, sprinkling every layer with the herbs. Season to your taste;

and add some hard yolks of eggs. When the basin is full, pour in some

gravy. Put a plate on the top, and a weight on it to keep the meat

close. Bake it about an hour and a half, and do not turn it out till

next day.

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