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Recipes for BELGIAN category

Fish Soup
Starvation Soup
Immediate Soup, Or Ten Minutes Soup
Chervil Soup
A Good Pea Soup
A Good Belgian Soup
Belgian PurÉe
Ambassador Soup
Crecy Soup (belgian Recipe)
Flemish Soup
Tomato PurÉe
Onion Soup
Potage Leman
Tomato Soup
Soup, Cream Of Asparagus
Green Pea Soup
Vegetable Soup
Mushroom Cream Soup
The Soldier's Vegetable Soup
Leek Soup
Celeris Au Lard
Cabbage With Sausages
A Salad Of Tomatoes
Potatoes And Cheese
Friday's Feast
Red Cabbage
Asparagus À L'anvers
Cooked Lettuce
Stuffed Cauliflower
Gourmands' Mushrooms
Pommes ChÂteau
Chipped Potatoes
Chicory À La Ferdinand
Apples And Sausages
Stuffed Chicory
Tomatoes Stuffed With Beans
Cabbage And Potatoes
Spinach À La BraconniÈre
A Dish Of Haricot Beans
Potatoes In The Belgian Manner
Tomatoes And Shrimps
Flemish Endive
Cauliflower And Shrimps
Belgian Carrots
Stuffed Tomatoes
Red Cabbage
Vegetable Salad
Cauliflower À La Reine Elizabeth
Mushrooms À La Spinette
Dressed Cauliflower
Brussels Sprouts
Ragout Of Mutton
Stewed Shoulder Of Mutton
Shoulder Of Mutton
Mutton Collops
Shoulder Of Mutton Dressed Like Kid
Roast Rump Of Beef, Bordelaise Sauce
Roasted Fillet Of Beef
Beef À La Bourguignonne
Ox-tongue À La Bourgeoise
Beef À La Mode
Boeuf À La Flamande
Caretaker's Beef
Blankenberg Beef
Veal With Tomatoes
Fricandeau Of Veal
Veal Cutlets With Madeira Sauce
Grenadins Of Veal
Calf's Liver À La Bourgeoise
Veal With Mushrooms, Or The Calf In Paradise
Blanquette Of Veal
Veal Cake, Excellent For Supper
Breast Of Veal
Ox Tongue
Veal À La Milanaise
Stuffed Veal Liver, Or Liver À La Panier D'or
Veal À La CrÊme
Dutch Sauce For Fish
Bearnaise Sauce
Muslin Sauce
Sauce Bordelaise
Poor Man's Sauce
The Good Wife's Sauce
Cream Sauce
Sauce MaÎtre D'hÔtel
Sauce Au Diable
Fricassee Of Pigeons
Hunter's Hare
Flemish Rabbit
Roast Kid With Venison Sauce
Baked Rabbit
Chicken À La Max
Rabbit À La Bordelaise
Laeken Rabbit
Rum Omelette
The Children's Birthday Dish
A Frangipani
Apricot SoufflÉ
Stewed Prunes
Chocolate Cream
Semolina SoufflÉ
Snowy Mountains
Richelieu Rice
Excellent Paste For Pastry
Chocolate Cream
Belgian Gingerbread
Apple Fritters
Four Quarters
Saffron Rice
Semolina Fritters
Gaufres From Brussels
Rice À La Conde
Pains Perdus
Fruit Fritters
Mocha Cake
Vanilla Cream
Rum Cream
Pineapple À L'anvers
Pouding Aux Pommes
SoufflÉ Au Chocolat
A New Dish Of Apples
Golden Rice
Banana CompÔte
Riz Conde
Chocolate Cream
Kidney SoufflÉ
Baked Souffle
Peasants' Eggs
Two Recipes For Tomatoes And Eggs
Tomatoes And Eggs
Mushroom Omelette
Asparagus Omelette
Stuffed Eggs
Poached Eggs, Tomato Sauce
Eggs And Mushrooms
Belgian Eggs
Eggs À La Ribeaucourt
To Use Up Remains Of Meat
Veal With Onions
Veal Cake
To Use Up Cold Meat
Flemish Carbonade
A Use For Cold Mutton
Flemish Carbonades
Remains Of Fish
Good Rissoles
Croquettes Of Boiled Meat
Carbonades Done With Beer
Walloon EntrÉe
Scraps Of Meat
Chicory And Ham With Cheese Sauce
Croquettes Of Veal
EntrÉe (croque-monsieur)
Hoche Pot
BouchÉes À La Reine
Hoche Pot Of Ghent
Carbonade Of Flanders
Headless Sparrows
Mutton Stew
Hoche Pot Gantois
Chinese Corks
Limpens Cheese
Cheese SoufflÉ
Cheese Croquettes
Cheese Fondants
Cheese SoufflÉ
Potatoes And Cheese
York Ham, Sweetbreads, Madeira Sauce
Ham With Madeira Sauce
A Difficult Dish Of Eggs
Country Eggs
French Eggs
Oeufs Celestes
Petites Caisses À La Furnes
Flemish Carrots
Aubergine Or Egg Plant
Egg Plants As SoufflÉ
Potato Croquettes
PurÉe Of Chestnuts
Hors D'oeuvres
Potato Dice
Anchovy Sandwiches
Anchovy Rounds
Anchovy Biscuits
Anchovy Patties
Mock Anchovies
Cucumber À La Laeken
Herring And Mayonnaise
Sweet Drinks And Cordials Orgeat
Hawthorn Cordial
Dutch Noyeau
Lavender Water
Hot Burgundy
CrÊme De Poisson À La Roi Albert
Fish And Custard
Hake And Potatoes
Very Nice Skate
To Keep Sprats
To Keep Mackerel For A Week
A Brown Dish Of Fish
Baked Haddocks
Filleted Soles Au Fromage
Filleted Fish, With White Sauce And Tomatoes
The Miller's Cod
Dutch Herrings
Remains Of Cod
M Luck
Carrot Soup
Sorrel Soup
Ostend Soup
Another Sorrel Soup
Hasty Soup
Artichokes A La Vedette
Surprise Potatoes
Vegetable Salads
Tomatoes A La Sir Edward Grey Hommage
Stuffed Carrots
To Cook Asparagus
Tomatoes In Haste
Kidneys And Lettuce
Tomato Rice
Rice With Eggs
Broad Beans In Sauce
Omelette Of Peas
Brussels Artichokes
[_f R _]
Brussels Carrots
Carrots And Eggs
Cucumbers And Tomatoes
Red Haricots
Potatoes A La Brabanconne
Flemish Peas
Spinach Fritters
Harlequin Cabbages
Little Towers Of Salad
Puffs For Friday
Haddock A La Cardinal
Skate Stew
To Dress Coarse Fish
[_f R _]
Flemish Sauce
Beef Squares
Imitation Cutlets
Kidneys With Madeira
Pigs' Trotters In Blanquette
Loin Of Mutton In The Pot
Ox Tongue With Spinach And White Sauce
Veal Fritters
Stewed Beef
A Mutton Salad
Sausage Patties
Sausage And Potatoes
Ragout Of Cold Meat
A Quickly Made Stew
Grenadines Of Veal
Hoche Pot
Pigeon And Cabbage Rolls
Remains Of Sausage
Shoulder Of Lamb A La Beige
Fillet Of Beef À La Brabanconne
Stewed Beef
Beef And Apricots
For An Invalid
Invalids' Eggs
A Sweet For The Children
Quince Custard
Yellow Plums And Rice
Brabant Pancake
Delicious Sauce For Puddings
Fruit Jellies
Strawberry Fancy
Pink Rice
Military Prunes
Madeline Cherries
Strawberry Tartlets
Madeira Eggs Or Oeufs À La Grand'mÈre
Cherry And Strawberry Compote
Chocolate Custard
Gooseberry Cream Without Cream
Chocolate Puddings