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White Currant Wine

(Wines, Cordials, Liqueurs, &c.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To each sieve of currants take twenty-five pounds of moist sugar, and to

every gallon of juice two gallons of water. Squeeze the fruit well with

the hands into an earthen pan; then strain it through a sieve. Throw the

pulp into another pan, filling it with water, which must be taken from

the quantity of water allowed for the whole, and to every ten gallons of

wine put one bottle of brandy. In making the wine, dissolve the sugar in

the water above-mentioned, and put it into the cask; then add the

remaining juice and water, stirring it well up frequently. Stir it well

every morning for ten successive days, and as it works out fill up the

cask again until it has done fermenting. Then put in your brandy, and

bung it quite close. In about eight months it will be fit to drink; but,

if you leave it twelve, it will be better.

Other Recipes

Red Or White Currant Wine

Take to every gallon of juice one gallon of water, to every gallon of

water three pounds and a half of the best Lisbon sugar. Squeeze the

currants through a sieve; let the juice stand till the sugar is

dissolved; dip a bit of brown paper in brimstone, and burn in the cask.

Then tun the wine, and to every three gallons put a pint of brandy. When

it has done hissing, stop it close; it will be fit to drink in six

months, but it will be better for keeping ten or twelve.

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