Beef Curry Recipe

Cut a pound of fresh beef into bits. Any cheap cut does well for this.

Slice an onion very thinly, and fry together in a dessert-spoonful of

fat of any kind, the meat, onion, and two teaspoonfuls of curry powder.

When they are nicely browned add several cups of water and simmer gently

until the meat is very tender and the onion has become a pulp, thereby

thickening the curry gravy. This requires long, slow cooking. More water

may be added from time to time. If one has a fireless cooker, it should

always be used in curry making. Serve with rice prepared according to

taste. In India, curry and rice are always served in separate dishes.

The rice is served first and the curry taken out and put over it.

Usually chutney (Chapter VIII) is eaten with curry and rice.



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