Bisque Of Lobster Recipe

Procure two large live lobsters; chop them up while

raw, shells and all; put them into a mortar with three-fourths of a

pound of butter, three raw eggs, and one quarter of a pound of cold

boiled rice: pound to a paste, moisten with a little water or stock,

then set aside. Fry out two slices of bacon fat, add to it one minced

onion, a tablespoonful of chopped celery tops, one chopped long red

pepper, one sliced carrot, and a quart of stock, boil and pour the whole

into a saucepan. Add the lobster and three pints more of stock; boil

slowly for two hours; strain, and rub the ingredients through a sieve.

Return to the soup; keep it warm, but do not allow it to boil. If too

thick, add a little more stock; add salt to taste. Boil one quart of

cream; whisk it into the soup; taste again for seasoning; pour it into a

hot soup tureen, and send to table.

This soup can be prepared by following receipt for bisque of crab, or it

may be prepared by adding boiled lobster to a strong veal stock, and

colored red by pounding the coral with butter, and adding this to the




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