Pea Soup Recipe

Cut two large slices of ham into dice, with a sliced onion,

and fry them in a little bacon fat until they are lightly browned. Cut

up one turnip, one large carrot, four outer stalks of celery, and one

leek into small pieces; add these last ingredients to the ham and onion,

and let them simmer for fifteen minutes; then pour over them three

quarts of corned-beef water or hot water, and add a pint of split peas

which have been soaked in cold water over night.

Boil gently until the peas are quite tender stirring constantly to

prevent burning; then add salt and pepper to taste, and a teaspoonful of

brown sugar. Remove the soup from the fire, and rub through a sieve; if

it is not thick enough to suit your taste, add a few ounces of flour

mixed smoothly in a little cold milk; return the soup to the fire, and

simmer for half an hour. Cut up four slices of American bread into small

dice, and fry the pieces in very hot fat until nicely browned; place

them on a napkin or towel, and add a few to each plate or tureen of soup

just before it goes to table.



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