To Make Beef Stock Recipe

Take six pounds of soup meat, cut it up into good

sized pieces, break the bones into small pieces, place them in the stock

pot, and add five quarts of cold water and two ounces of salt; boil

slowly for five hours, remove the scum as fast as it rises; cut up three

white turnips and three carrots, add these to the soup with two stalks

of celery, one large onion quartered, six cloves, teaspoonful of whole

peppers, and a small bunch of herbs.

When the vegetables are thoroughly cooked, strain the soup into a large

saucepan, and set it on back of range to keep hot, but not to boil, cut

one pound of lean raw beef into fine pieces, put in into a saucepan, and

add the whites and shells of four eggs; season with salt, pepper, and a

little chopped parsley or celery tops; squeeze these together with your

hand for fifteen minutes, until they are thoroughly incorporated, then

add to the warm soup; allow the soup to simmer slowly one hour; taste

for seasoning; strain into crocks, or serve. This is now called consomme

or bouillon, and is the basis of nearly all soups; such items as

macaroni, sago, Italian paste, Macedoine, and, in fact, nearly all kinds

of cereals and soup ingredients may be added to this stock at different

times to produce variety; they should all be boiled separately before

adding to the soup.

Calf's feet and knuckle of veal may be added to the original or first

pot if a very strong stock is required.



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