When ready to make the pie, mix as much fruit in a bowl as required,
sweeten, stirring the sugar through the berries and currants lightly
with a spoon. Dust in a little flour and stir it through the fruit. Cut
one of the pieces of pastry in halves, dust the pastry-board with flour
and roll the lump of pastry out very thin, cover the pie-plate, a big
deep one, with the pastry, trim off the edges with a knife, cutting from
you. Fill the dish with the fruit, dust
the surface well with flour.
Roll out the other piece for the top crust, fold it over the rolling
pin, cut a few gashes in it for a steam vent.
Carefully put on the top crust, trim it well about the edge of the
pie-plate. Press it closely together with the end of your thumb or with
a pastry knife and stand the pie in a moderate oven and bake till the
surface is a delicate brown. Then remove the pie and let it stand until
it is cool.
The top crust may be made lattice fashion by cutting the pastry in
strips, but it will not be as good as between two closed crusts.