Chopped Pickle. Mrs. S. A. Powers. Recipe

Recipe for Chopped Pickle by Mrs. S.A. Powers:

History of the Recipe:
Chopped pickles have been enjoyed for generations as a tangy and flavorful condiment. This particular recipe was passed down from Mrs. S.A. Powers and has been cherished by her family and friends. Known for its versatility and delicious taste, the Chopped Pickle recipe has become a beloved staple in many households.

Fun Facts:
- Pickles have a long history, dating back thousands of years. They were first developed as a way to preserve vegetables and fruits.
- The use of green tomatoes in this recipe adds a unique twist to traditional pickles. Green tomatoes are often associated with fried green tomatoes, but they can also be a wonderful addition to pickling recipes.
- The combination of red sweet peppers, cabbage, and celery adds a delightful crunch to the Chopped Pickle.
- The addition of grated horseradish gives this recipe a kick of spice, enhancing the overall flavor profile.
- Cloves and black mustard seeds bring a warm and aromatic essence to the pickle.
- The use of small cucumbers or cucumber strips adds texture and visual appeal to the finished product.
- The Chopped Pickle can be preserved by sealing it in self-sealers, allowing you to enjoy its delightful flavors for an extended period.


- 1 peck green tomatoes
- 1 dozen red sweet peppers, chopped fine
- Salt water for soaking
- 1 head cabbage, chopped fine
- 1 bunch celery, chopped fine
- 1 pint grated horseradish
- 1 teacupful cloves
- 1 teacupful black mustard seed
- Salt, to taste
- 1 pint or more very small cucumbers, or 1/2 dozen ordinary cucumbers cut into small strips
- Cold cider vinegar

1. Begin by preparing the green tomatoes and red sweet peppers. Chop them finely and place them in a large bowl.
2. Cover the chopped tomatoes and peppers with salt water. Allow them to stand for twenty-four hours.
3. After twenty-four hours, drain the tomatoes and peppers and ensure they are dry.
4. Add the chopped cabbage and celery to the bowl with the tomatoes and peppers.
5. Add the grated horseradish, cloves, black mustard seed, and salt to taste. Mix well to combine all the ingredients thoroughly.
6. If using very small cucumbers, add them to the mixture. Alternatively, if using ordinary cucumbers, cut them into small strips and add them to the bowl.
7. Pour enough cold cider vinegar over the mixture to cover it entirely. The vinegar will act as a preserving agent and add a tangy flavor to the pickle.
8. Mix everything together well to ensure all the ingredients are evenly coated in vinegar.
9. If you intend to keep the Chopped Pickle for an extended period, carefully seal it in self-sealers to maintain its freshness.

Similar Recipe Dishes:
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