Crisp Cake In Double Boiler

(Croccante a bagno maria)

Sugar, five and a half ounces.

Sweet almonds, three ounces.

Egg-yolks, five.

Milk, one pint.

Skin the almonds and chop them in little pieces about as big as a grain

of wheat. Put on the fire two thirds of the sugar and when it is all

melted pour the almonds and stir continually with the ladle until they

have taken the color of cinnamon. Then put them in a tin greased with

butter and when they are cold, pound them very fine with the remaining

third of sugar.

Add the yolks and then the milk, mix well and pour the mixture in a mold

with a hole in the middle and greased evenly with butter. Place the mold

in a double boiler so that it will be cooked by steam.