Stewed Veal Recipe

(Stracotto di vitella)

The stock from this dish may very well be used to season macaroni or

boiled rice. Care must be taken, however, not to draw away all the

juice of the meat in order to have a sauce too rich at the expense of

the principal dish.

Place in a saucepan one pound of veal or more, bone included, a piece of

butter or some olive oil (or the two together) half a medium sized

onion, one small carrot, two celery stalks cut in small pieces. Season

with salt and pepper. Put it on a low fire, turn the meat over often and

when browned add a pinch of flour and some tomato paste, bringing it to

full cooking with water poured little by little. The flour is used to

keep the sauce together and give it color, but care must be taken not to

burn it, because in that case the sauce would have an unpleasant taste

and a black, instead of a reddish color. The addition of dried

mushrooms, previously softened in the water and slightly boiled in the

sauce will add greatly to its taste.

As has been said the sauce can well be used to season spaghetti or

risotto. The stewed veal can be served with some vegetable.



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