Weigh 3/4 of a pound of sugar for each pound of fruit. After washing the
plums carefully, put them in a preserving kettle with just enough water
to keep them from sticking to the bottom. Set them over a moderate fire
and let them simmer for half an hour; then turn them, juice and all,
into a colander, filling the colander not more than half full. Have the
colander set over a large earthen bowl. With a potato masher, press
juice and pulp through the colander into the bowl, leaving skins and
pits as dry as possible. Remove these from the colander and repeat the
process until all the pulp and juice is pressed out; then pour it into
the kettle and, while it is heating slowly, heat the sugar in the oven.
As soon as the juice and pulp begins to simmer stir in the hot sugar,
and when it drops from the spoon like a thick jelly pour it into the
glasses. This is one of the most delicious fruit preserves made and is
always acceptable with meat and poultry or as a sweetmeat at afternoon