Dried Mushrooms Recipe

(Funghi secchi)

Mushrooms are an excellent condiment of various dishes and for this

reason it is well to have some always at hand. Since, however, it is

not always possible to have them fresh, the following recipe to prepare

dried mushrooms will be found useful.

First of all wait until there is a sunny day. Choose young mushrooms

middle sized or big, but not too soft. Scrape the stem, clean them well

in order to remove the earth and, without washing cut them in big

pieces. This because when dried they diminish considerably in size. Keep

these pieces exposed in the sun for two or three days, then thread them

on a string (practising a hole in them) and keep in a well ventilated

room or in the sun until they become quite dry. Then put them away well

closed in a paper bag, but don't fail to look at them from time to time

to see if it is necessary to expose them some more to sun and


To use them soften in warm water, but keep them in as little as

possible, so that they do not lose their delicate flavor. The best time

to dry the mushrooms is June or July.



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