Cover the reverse side of a deep pie-plate with a rich puff paste, and
bake a light brown. Remove from the oven until the filling is prepared.
Take a large juicy lemon, grate and peel and squeeze out every drop of
juice. Now take the lemon and put it into a cup of boiling water to
extract every particle of juice. Put the cup of water on to boil with
the lemon juice and grated peel, and a cup of sugar; beat up the yolks
of four eggs very light and add to this g
adually the boiling lemon
juice. Return to the kettle and boil. Then wet a teaspoon of cornstarch
with a very little cold water, and add also a teaspoon of butter and
when the boiling mixture has thickened remove from the fire and let it
cool. Beat up the whites of the eggs to a very stiff froth, add half of
the froth to the lemon mixture and reserve the other half for the top of
the pie. Bake the lemon cream in the baked pie-crust. Add a few
tablespoons of powdered sugar and half a teaspoon of cream of tartar to
the remaining beaten whites. If you desire to have the meringue extra
thick, add the whites of one or more eggs. When the pie is baked take
from the oven just long enough to spread the meringue over the top, and
set back for two or three minutes, leaving the oven doors open just the
least bit, so as not to have it brown too quickly.