One-half box gelatine, juice of three lemons, one pint of cold water,
one-half pint of hot water, two teacups of sugar, whites of three
eggs. Soak one-half box of gelatine in one pint of cold water ten
minutes; then dissolve over the fire, adding the juice of the lemons
with the hot water and sugar. Boil all together two or three minutes;
pour into a dish, and let it remain until nearly cold and beginning to
set; then add the whites of eggs, well beaten, and whisk ten minutes.
When it becomes the consistency of sponge, wet the inside of cups with
the white of egg, pour in the sponge, and set in a cold place. Serve
with thin custard, made with the yolks of four eggs, one tablespoonful
of corn starch, one-half teacup of sugar, one pint of milk,
teaspoonful of vanilla. Boil until sufficiently thick, and serve cold
over the sponge.