Marinata Di Cervello Alla Villeroy Calf's Brains Recipe

Ingredients: Calf's brains, stock, Bechamel sauce, eggs, butter, lemon,

forcemeat of fowl, flour.

Boil a calf's or sheep's brain in good stock, wipe it well, and cut it

up. Reduce a pint of Bechamel (No. 3), and add to it the yolks of three

eggs, an ounce of butter, and the juice of a lemon. When it boils throw

in the cut-up brain; let it cool, then take out the brain and form it

into little balls about the size of a small walnut. Make a forcemeat of

fowl, and add a dessert-spoonful of flour to it, and spread it out

very thin on a paste-board, and into this wrap the balls of brain, each

separately. Dip them into a pasta marinate (No. 17), and fry them a

golden brown.



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