Potatoes And Cheese Recipe

To make a tomato salad you must not slice the fruit in a dish and then
pour on it a little vinegar and then a little oil; that is not salad
--that is ignorance.
Take some red tomatoes, and, if you can procure them, some golden ones
also. Plunge each for a moment in boiling water, peel off the skin, but
carefully, so as not to cut through the flesh with the juice. Take some
raw onion cut in slices; if you do not like the strong taste, use
shallot; and lay four or five flat slices on the bottom of the salad
dish. Put the tomato slices over them, sprinkle with salt and just a dust
of castor sugar. In four hours lift the tomatoes and remove the onions
altogether. Make in a cup the following sauce: Dissolve a salt-spoonful
of salt in a teaspoonful of tarragon vinegar. Stir in a dessert-spoonful
of oil, dropping it slowly in, add a very little mustard, some pepper and
a sprinkle of chopped chervil. Some people like chopped chives. Pour this
over the tomato salad and leave it for an hour at least before serving



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