Puree Of Clams Recipe

Chop twenty-five large hard-shell clams, very fine, and

put them aside; fry half a chopped red onion in an ounce of hot butter;

add a teaspoonful of chopped celery tops, a blade of mace, one salted

anchovy, six whole peppers, and a pint of soup stock. Let it boil; then

strain into a saucepan; add the chopped clams and one quart of stock or

hot water. Boil slowly one hour; strain all the clams through a sieve

twice, and return to the stock; season with salt and cayenne. Keep the

soup warm, but do not let it boil again; taste for seasoning. Boil one

pint of cream in a saucepan previously wet with cold water; strain it,

and add to the soup slowly. Mix a teaspoonful of rice flour in a little

cold milk; add to the soup; whisk the soup; taste again for seasoning;

pour it into a hot tureen, and serve.



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