Soft Biscuits

(Biscotti teneri)

For these biscuits it would be necessary to have a tin box about four

inches wide and a little less long than the oven used. In this way the

biscuits will have a corner on both sides and, if cut a little more than

half an inch, they will be of the right proportion. The ingredients

needed are:

Flour, about two ounces.

Potato meal, a little less.

Sugar, four ounces (1/4 lb.)

Sweet almonds 1-1/2 ounce.

Candied orange or angelica, one ounce.

Fruit preserve, one ounce.

Three eggs.

Skin the almonds, cut them in half lengthwise and dry in the sun or at

the fire. Pastry cooks usually leave them with the skin but it is much

preferable to skin them. Cut in little cubes the candied fruits and the


Stir for a long while, about half an hour the sugar in the egg-yolks and

a little flour then add the white of the eggs well beaten and when every

thing is well beaten add the flour, letting it fall from a sieve. Mix

slowly and scatter on the mixing the almonds and the cubes of candied

and preserved fruit. Grease and sprinkle the tin box with flour. Bake in

the oven and cut the biscuits the day after. If desired these can also

be roasted on both sides.