Used as a foundation for all cream candies.
Put two and one-half cups of granulated sugar in a saucepan, add
three-fourths cup of hot water and one-half saltspoon of tartar. Stir
until sugar is dissolved, but no longer. Boil without stirring until,
when tried in cold water, it will form a soft ball. Wash down the edges
of the pan with the finger first dipped in cold water, as the sugar
boils up. Pour slowly on greased pan or marble slab. Cool slightly; beat
with a wooden spoon until white and creamy. As soon as large lumps
appear, it should be kneaded with the hands until smooth. Place in bowl
and cover with waxed paper, let it stand overnight in a cool place. If
covered and kept in a cool place this will keep for days. Form into
bonbons, color and flavor any desired way; dip in melted chocolate, to
which has been added a small piece of wax or paraffine. In fact the
bonbons may be used in any desired way.