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Almond Custard

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Blanch and pound fine, with half a gill of rose-water, six ounces of

sweet and half an ounce of bitter almonds; boil a pint of milk; sweeten

it with two ounces and a half of sugar; rub the almonds through a sieve,

with a pint of cream; strain the milk to the yolks of eight eggs, well

beaten--three whites if thought necessary--stir it over a fire till of a

good thickness; when off the fire, stir it till nearly cold to prevent

its curdling.

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Almond Custards

Blanch and pound fine, with a table-spoonful of rosewater, four ounces

of almonds. Boil them four or five minutes in a quart of milk, with

sufficient white sugar to sweeten the milk. Take it from the fire, and

when lukewarm, stir in the beaten yelks of eight, and the whites of four

eggs. Set the whole on the fire, and stir it constantly until it

thickens--then take it up, stir it till partly cooled, and turn it into

cups. If you wish to have the custards cool quick, set the cups into a

pan of cold water--as fast as it gets warm, change it. Just before the

custards are to be eaten, beat the reserved whites of the eggs to a

froth, and cover the top of the custards with them.

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