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Recipes for CONFECTIONARY category

White Wine Sweet Sauce
Almond Butter
Almond Cheesecakes
Almond Cream
Unboiled Almond Cream
Almond Paste For Shapes &c
Almond Puffs
Another Way
Angelica To Candy
Apples To Do
Pippins To Candy
Pippins To Dry
Apples To Preserve Green
Golden Pippins To Preserve
Crabs To Preserve
Siberian Crabs To Preserve Transparent
Another Way
Golden Pippins To Stew
Apple Cheese
Conserve Of Apples
Apple Demandon
Apple Fraise
Apple Fritters
Apple Jelly No 1
Apple Jelly No 2
Apple Jelly No 3
Crab Jam Or Jelly
Pippin Or Codling-jelly
Apples And Pears To Dry
Apricots In Brandy
Apricot Chips
Apricot Burnt Cream
Apricots To Dry
Apricot Jam
Apricot And Plum Jam
Apricot Paste
Apricots To Preserve
Another Way
Apricots To Preserve Whole
Apricots To Preserve In Jelly
French Bances
Barberries To Preserve
Another Way
Dutch Biscuits
Ginger Biscuits
Lemon Biscuits
Another Way
Ratafia Biscuits
Table Biscuits
Blancmange No 1
Blancmange No 2
Blancmange No 3
Blancmange No 4
Dutch Blancmange
Diet Bread Which Keeps Moist
Potato Bread
Rice Bread
Rye Bread
Scotch Short Bread
Buttered Loaves
Egg Loaf
Buns No 1
Buns No 2
Buns No 3
Bath Buns
Another Way
Plain Buns
Butter To Make Without Churning
Black Butter
Spanish Butter
An Excellent Cake
A Great Cake
Light Cake
A Nice Cake
A Plain Cake
A Very Rich Cake
Cake Without Butter
Almond Cake
Almond Cakes
Clear Almond Cakes
Apple Cake
Apricot Clear Cakes
Biscuit Cake
Bread Cake
Breakfast Cakes
Excellent Breakfast Cakes
Bath Breakfast Cakes
Butter Cake
Caraway Cake No 1
Caraway Cake No 2
Caraway Cake No 3
Small Caraway Cakes
Cocoa-nut Cakes
Currant Clear Cakes
Egg Cake
Enamelled Cake
Epsom Cake
Ginger Cakes
Ginger Or Hunting Cakes No 1
Ginger Or Hunting Cakes No 2
Ginger Or Hunting Cakes No 3
Gooseberry Clear Cakes
Jersey Cake
Jersey Merveilles
London Wigs
Onion Cake
Orange Cakes
Another Way
Orange Clove Cake
Orange-flower Cakes
Plum Cake No 1
Plum Cake No 2
Plum Cake No 3
Clear Plum Cake
Portugal Cakes
Potato Cakes
Pound Cake
Pound Davy
Clear Quince Cakes
Ratafia Cakes
Rice Cake
Rock Cakes
Royal Cakes
Savoy Or Sponge Cake
Seed Cake No 1
Seed Cake No 2
Seed Cake No 3 Called Borrow Brack
Shrewsbury Cakes
Sponge Cake
Sugar Cakes
Little Sugar Cakes
Sweet Cakes
Tea Cakes
Dry Tea Cakes
Thousand Cake
Tunbridge Cakes
Veal Cake
Yorkshire Cakes
Calves' Foot Jelly No 1
Calves' Foot Jelly No 2
Calves' Foot Jelly No 3
Calves' Foot Jelly No 4
Cheese To Make
The Best Cheese In The World
Cheese To Stew
Cream Cheese
Princess Amelia's Cream Cheese
Irish Cream Cheese
Rush Cheese
Winter Cream Cheese
To Make Cream Cheese Without Cream
Damson Cheese
French Cheese
Italian Cheese
Lemon Cheese Very Good
Cheesecake No 1
Cheesecake No 2
Cheesecake No 3
Cheesecake No 4
Cheesecake No 5
Cheesecake No 6
Almond Cheesecake
Cocoa-nut Cheesecakes
Cream Cheesecake
Curd Cheesecake
Lemon Cheesecake
Orange Cheesecake
Scotch Cheesecake
Cherries To Preserve No 1
Cherries To Preserve No 2
Cherries To Preserve No 3
Morella Cherries To Preserve
Morella Cherries To Preserve In Brandy
Brandy Cherries
Cherries To Dry
Liquor For Dried Cherries
Cherry Jam
Cocoa-nut Candy
Coffee To Roast
Another Way
Coffee To Make The Foreign Way
To Make Cream Rise In Cold Weather
Cream To Fry
Artificial Cream And Curd
Cream Of Rice
Almond Cream
Barley Cream
French Barley Cream
Chocolate Cream
Citron Cream
Clotted Cream
Coffee Cream
Eringo Cream
Fruit Cream
Preserved Fruit Creams
Italian Cream
Lemon Cream No 1
Lemon Cream No 2
Lemon Cream No 3
Lemon Cream No 4
Lemon Cream No 5
Lemon Cream Without Cream
Lemon Cream Frothed
Orange Cream
Orange Cream Frothed
Imperial Orange Cream
Pistachio Cream
Raspberry Cream
Ratafia Cream
Rice Cream
Runnet Whey Cream
Snow Cream
Strawberry Cream
Sweetmeat Cream
Whipt Cream To Put Upon Cake
Cucumbers To Preserve Green
Cream Curd
Lemon Curd
Paris Curd
Currants To Bottle
Another Way
Currants Or Barberries To Dry In Bunches
Currants To Ice
White Currants To Preserve
Red Currants To Preserve
Another Way
Currant Jam
Currant Jam Or Jelly
Black Or Red Currant Jelly
Currant Juice
Another Way
Currant Paste
Custard No 1
Custard No 2
Custard No 3
Custard No 4
Custard No 5
Almond Custard
To Bottle Damsons
Damsons To Dry
Damsons To Preserve Without Sugar
Dripping To Clarify For Crust
Currant Dumplings
Drop Dumplings
Another Way
Kitchen Hard Dumplings
Yest Dumplings
Another Way
Whites Of Eggs
Another Way
Figs To Dry
Small Flowers To Candy
Flowers In Sprigs To Candy
Dutch Flummery
Hartshorn Flummery No 1
Hartshorn Flummery No 2
Hartshorn Flummery No 3
Yorkshire Fritters
Fruit To Preserve
Fruit To Preserve Green
Fruit Of All Sorts To Scald
Gingerbread No 1
Gingerbread No 2
Gingerbread No 3
Gingerbread No 4
Gingerbread No 5
Gingerbread No 6
Thick Gingerbread
Gingerbread Cakes Or Nuts
Gingerbread Nuts
Gooseberries To Bottle
Gooseberries In Jelly
Gooseberries To Preserve
Another Way
Gooseberry Paste
Grapes To Dry
Grapes To Preserve
Greengages To Preserve
Another Way
Hartshorn Jelly
Ice And Cream
Lemon Ice
Iceing For Cakes
Another Way
Coloured Jelly To Mix With Or Garnish Other Jelly
Gloucester Jelly
Another Way
Lemon Jelly
Nourishing Jelly
Orange Jelly No 1
Orange Jelly No 2
Orange Jelly No 3
Restorative Jelly
Strawberry Jelly
Wine Jelly
Lemons Or Seville Oranges To Preserve
Lemon Caudle
Lemon Or Chocolate Drops
Lemon Puffs
Lemon Tart
Lemon Solid
Syrup Of Lemons
Citron Marmalade
Cherry Marmalade
Another Way
Orange Marmalade No 1
Orange Marmalade No 2
Orange Marmalade No 3
Scotch Orange Marmalade
Red Quince Marmalade No 1
Red Quince Marmalade No 2
Red Quince Marmalade No 3
White Quince Marmalade
Another Way
Marrow Pasties
Melons Or Cucumbers To Preserve
Melon Compote
Mince Meat No 1
Mince Meat No 2
Mince Meat No 3
Mince Meat Without Meat No 1
Mince Meat Without Meat No 2
Mince Meat Without Meat No 3
Lemon Mince Meat
Oranges To Preserve
Whole Oranges To Preserve
Seville Oranges To Preserve
Butter Orange
Candied Orange
Orange Cream
Orange Jelly
Orange Paste
Another Way
Orange Puffs
Another Way
Orange Sponge
Orange And Lemon Syrup
Oranges For A Tart
Orange Tart
Another Way
Pancakes No 1
Pancakes No 2
Pancakes No 3
French Pancakes
Grillon's Pancakes
Quire Of Paper Pancakes
Rice Pancakes
Paste For Baking Or Frying
Paste For Pies
Paste For Raised Pies
Another Way
Paste For Tarts
Paste For Tarts In Pans
Paste For Very Small Tartlets
Potato Paste
Rice Paste
Another Way
Paste Royal
Short Or Puff Paste No 1
Short Paste No 2
Short Paste No 3
Short Paste No 4
Short Paste No 5
Short Paste No 6
Short Paste No 7
Short Paste Made With Suet
Sugar Paste
Peaches To Preserve In Brandy No 1
Peaches To Preserve In Brandy No 2
Peaches To Preserve In Brandy No 3
Pears To Pot
Pears To Stew
Chicken Pie
Giblet Pie
Common Goose Pie
Rich Goose Pie
Ham And Chicken Pie
Hare Pie
Lumber Pie
Olive Pie
Partridge Pie
Rich Pigeon Pie
High Veal Pie
Vegetable Pie
A Yorkshire Christmas Pie
Pineapple To Preserve In Slices
Pineapple Chips
Plums To Dry Green
Green Plum Jam
Great White Plum To Preserve
Another Way Richer
Sack Posset
Sack Posset Without Milk
Sack Posset Or Jelly
Cheese Puffs
Chocolate Puffs
German Puffs
Spanish Puffs
Another Way
A Good Pudding
A Very Good Pudding
An Excellent Pudding
A Plain Pudding
A Scalded Pudding
A Sweet Pudding
All Three Pudding
Almond Pudding No 1
Almond Pudding No 2
Almond Pudding No 3
Amber Pudding
Princess Amelia's Pudding
Apple Mignon
Apple Pudding No 1
Apple Pudding No 2
Apple Pudding No 3
Arrow-root Pudding
Pearl Barley Pudding
Batter Pudding
Plain Batter Pudding Or With Fruit
Norfolk Batter Pudding
Green Bean Pudding
Beef Steak Pudding
Bread Pudding
Another Way
Rich Bread Pudding
Bread And Butter Pudding
Raisin Bread Pudding
Buttermilk Pudding
Carrot Pudding
Another Way
Charlotte Pudding
Cheese Pudding
Another Way
Citron Pudding
Cocoa-nut Pudding
College Pudding No 1
College Pudding No 2
College Pudding No 3
College Pudding No 4
New College Pudding
Another Way
Cottage Pudding
Currant Pudding
Custard Pudding No 1
Custard Pudding No 2
Custard Pudding No 3
Custard Pudding No 4
Fish Pudding
French Pudding
Gooseberry Pudding
Hunter's Pudding
Jug Pudding
Lemon Pudding
Another Way
Small Lemon Puddings
Maccaroni Pudding
Marrow Pudding
Another Way
Nottingham Pudding
Oatmeal Pudding
Orange Pudding No 1
Orange Pudding No 2
Orange Pudding No 3
Orange Pudding No 4
Orange Pudding No 5
Orange Pudding No 6
Plain Orange Pudding
Paradise Pudding
Pith Pudding
Plum Pudding No 1
Plum Pudding No 2
Plum Pudding No 3
Plum Pudding No 4
Plum Pudding No 5
A Rich Plum Pudding
Potato Pudding No 1
Potato Pudding No 2
Potato Pudding No 3
Potato Pudding No 4
Potato Pudding No 5
Potato Pudding No 6
Potato Pudding No 7
Pottinger's Pudding
Prune Pudding
Quaking Pudding
Another Way
Ratafia Pudding
Rice Pudding
Plain Rice Pudding
Another Way
Ground Rice Pudding
Rice Hunting Pudding
Kitchen Rice Pudding
Rice Plum Pudding
Small Rice Puddings
Swedish Rice Pudding
Rice White Pot
Sago Pudding
Spoonful Pudding
Plain Suet Pudding Baked
Suet Pudding Boiled
Tansy Pudding
Another Way
Tapioca Pudding
Neat's Tongue Pudding
Quatre Fruits
Quinces To Preserve
Quinces To Preserve Whole
Ramaquins No 1
Ramaquins No 2
Ramaquins No 3
Ramaquins No 4
Raspberries To Preserve
Another Way
Raspberries To Preserve In Currant Jelly
Raspberry Jam No 1 Very Good
Raspberry Jam No 2
Raspberry Jam No 3
Raspberry Paste
Apple Tart With Rice Crust
Another Way
Another Way
Excellent Rolls
Little Rolls
Breakfast Rolls
Another Way
Brentford Rolls
Dutch Rolls
French Rolls No 1
French Rolls No 2
French Rolls No 3
Milton Rolls
Another Way
Another Way
Rusks And Tops And Bottoms
Sally Lunn
Another Way
Souffle Of Apples And Rice
Strawberries To Preserve For Eating With Cream
Strawberries To Preserve In Currant Jelly
Strawberries To Preserve In Gooseberry Jelly
Strawberry Jam Very Good
Another Way
Sugar To Clarify
Another Way
Everlasting Syllabub Very Excellent
Solid Syllabub
Whipt Syllabub
Trifle No 1
Trifle No 2
Trifle No 3
Trotter Jelly
Veal And Ham Pates
Venison Pasty
Sugar Wafers
Walnuts To Preserve
White Walnuts
Mustard Whey
Excellent Yest
Potato Yest