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Beef To Bake

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a buttock of beef; beat it in a mortar; put to it three pounds of

bacon cut in small pieces; season with pepper and salt, and mix in the

bacon with your hands. Put it into a pot, with some butter and a bunch

of sweet-herbs, covering it very close, and let it bake six hours. When

enough done, put it into a cloth to strain; then put it again into your

pot, and fill it up with butter.

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Rump Of Beef To Bake

Bone a rump of beef; beat it thoroughly with a rolling-pin, till it is

very tender; cut off the sinew, and lard it with large pieces of bacon;

roll your larding seasoning first--of pepper, salt, and cloves. Lard

athwart the meat that it may cut handsomely; then season the meat all

over with pepper and salt, and a little brown sugar. Tie it neatly up

with packthread across and across, put the top undermost, and place it

in an earthen pan. Take all the bones that came out of it, and put them

in round and round the beef, so that it cannot stir; then put in half a

pound of butter, two bay-leaves, two shalots, and all sorts of seasoning

herbs, chopped fine. Cover the top of the pot with coarse paste; put it

in a slow oven; let it stand eight hours; take it out, and serve it in

the dish in which it is to go to table, with its own juice, and some

have additional broth or gravy ready to add to it if it is too dry.

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