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Beef To Stew

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a pound and a half of the fat part of a brisket, with four pounds

of stewing beef, cut into pieces; put these into a stewpan, with a

little salt, pepper, a bunch of sweet-herbs and onions, stuck with

cloves, two or three pieces of carrots, two quarts of water, and half a

pint of good small beer. Let the whole stew for four hours; then take

some turnips and carrots cut into pieces, a small leek, two or three

heads of celery, cut small, and a piece of bread toasted hard. Let these

stew all together one hour longer; then put the whole into a terrine,

and serve up.

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Beef To Stew Another Way

Put three pounds of the thin part of the brisket of beef and half a

pound of gravy beef in a stewpan, with two quarts of water, a little

thyme, marjoram, parsley, whole pepper and salt, a sufficient quantity,

and an onion; let it stew six hours or more; then add carrots, turnips,

(cut with a machine) and celery cut small, which have all been

previously boiled; let the vegetables be stewed with the beef one hour.

Just before you take it off the fire, put in some boiled cabbage chopped

small, some pickled cucumbers and walnuts sliced, some cucumber liquor,

and a little walnut liquor. Thicken the sauce with a lump of butter

rolled in flour. Strew the cut vegetables over the top of the meat.

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