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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pare, wash and boil potatoes until soft enough to mash well. Drain off
nearly all the water, leaving just a little; add one teaspoon of salt
and return to the stove. It is better to boil the potatoes in salt water
and add more salt if necessary after mashing. Sift one-half cup of flour
into the potatoes after returning to the fire and keep covered closely
for about five minutes. Then remove from the stove and mash them as hard
as you can, so as not to have any lumps. They must be of the consistency
of dough and smooth as velvet. Now put about two tablespoons of
drippings or goose-fat in a spider, chop up some onions very fine and
heat them until they become a light-brown, take a tablespoon and dip it
in the hot fat and then cut a spoonful of the potato dough with the same
spoon and put it in the spider, and so on until you have used all. Be
careful to dip your spoon in the hot fat every time you cut a puff. Let
them brown slightly.

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