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Buttered Loaves

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take three quarts of new milk; put in as much runnet as will turn it;

whey the curds very clean; break them small with your hands; put in nine

yolks of eggs and one white, a handful of grated bread, half a handful

of flour, and a little salt. Mix these well together, working it well

with your hands; roll it into small loaves, and bake them in a quick

oven three quarters of an hour. Then take half a pound of butter, four

spoonfuls of clear water, half a nutmeg sliced very thin, and a little

sugar. Set it on a quick fire, stirring it quickly, and let it boil till

thick. When the loaves are baked, cut out the top and stir up the crumb

with a knife; then pour some of the butter into each of them, and cover

them up again. Strew a little sugar on them: before you set them in the

oven, beat the yolk of an egg and a little beer together, and with a

feather smear them over with it.

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