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Cabbage Farced

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a fine white-heart cabbage, about as big as a quarter of a peck,

lay it in water two or three hours, half boil it, put it in a colander

to drain, then cut out the heart, but take very great care not to break

off any of the outside leaves. Fill it with forcemeat made thus:--take a

pound of veal, half a pound of bacon, fat and lean together; cut them

small, and beat them fine in a mortar, with the yolks of four eggs

boiled hard; season with pepper and salt, a little beaten mace, a very

little lemon-peel, some parsley chopped fine, a very little thyme, and

three anchovies. When these are beat fine, take the crumb of a stale

roll, some mushrooms, either fresh or pickled, and the heart of the

cabbage which you cut out. Chop it very fine; mix all together with the

yolk of an egg; fill the hollow of the cabbage, and tie it round with

thread. Lay some slices of bacon in the bottom of a stewpan, and upon

these some thin slices of coarse beef, about one pound: put in the

cabbage, cover it close, and let it stew gently over a slow fire, until

the bacon begins to stick to the bottom of the pan. Shake in a little

flour; then put in a quart of good broth, an onion stuck with cloves,

two blades of mace, some whole pepper, a little bundle of sweet-herbs;

cover close, and let it stew gently an hour and a half. Put in a glass

of red wine, give it a boil, and take it up; lay it in a dish, and

strain the gravy over it, untying the packthread first. This is a very

good dish, and makes the next day an excellent hash, with a veal steak

nicely boiled and laid on it.

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