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Calf's Head To Hash No 1

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Let the calf's head be washed dean, and boiled tender; then cut the meat

off one half of the head in small slices. To make the sauce, take some

parsley, thyme, and a very little onion, let them be chopped fine; then

pass them in a stewpan over the fire, with some butter, till tender. Add

some flour, a very little pepper and salt, and some good strong broth,

according to your quantity of meat; let it boil, then skim it, put the

meat into it, and add a little lemon-juice and a little white wine; let

all boil together about ten minutes. There may be some force-meat balls

added, if liked. The other half of the head must be scored like

diamonds, cross and across; then rub it with some oiled butter and yolk

of egg; mix some chopped parsley and thyme, pepper, salt, a little

nutmeg, and some bread crumbs; strew the head all over with this; broil

it a nice light brown, and put it on the hash when dished. Scald the

brains, and cut them in four pieces; rub them with yolk of egg, then let

them be crumbed, with the same crumbs and herbs as the head was done

with, and fried a light brown; lay them round the dish with a few slices

of bacon or ham fried. The brains may be done, to be sent up alone on a

plate, as follows:--Let the brains be washed and skinned; let them be

boiled in broth, about twenty-five minutes; make a little white sauce of

some butter, flour, salt, a little cream, and a little good broth; let

it just boil; then pick a little green sage, a little parsley picked

very small, and scalded till tender; the brains, parsley, and sage, must

be strained off, and put into the white sauce, and let it come to a

boil, just before you put them on the dish to send up.

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