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(Canned Fruits) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

To four quarts of plums take one quart of sugar and one cup of water.
Wash, drain and prick the plums. Make a syrup of the sugar and water;
put part of the fruit in the boiling syrup; cook five minutes; fill and
seal the jars. Put more fruit in the syrup; remove and continue the
process until all the fruit has been cooked.
Canning in the preserving kettle is less satisfactory; but is sometimes
considered easier, especially for small fruits. Cook the fruit according
to the directions and see that all jars, covers and utensils are
carefully sterilized. When ready to put the fruit in the jars, put a
broad skimmer under one, lift it and drain off the water. Set it in a
shallow pan of boiling water or wrap it well in a heavy towel wrung out
of boiling water; fill to overflowing with the fruit and slip a
silver-plated knife around the inside of the jar to make sure that fruit
and juice are solidly packed. Wipe the rim of the jar; dip the rubber
ring in boiling water, place it on the jar; cover and remove the jar,
placing it upside down on a board, well out of drafts until cool. Then
tighten the covers, if screw covers are used; wipe the jars with a wet
cloth and stand on shelves in a cool, dark closet.

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