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(Canned Fruits) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

In this method the work is easily and quickly done and the fruit retains
its shape, color and flavor. Particularly nice for berries.
Sterilize jars and utensils. Make the syrup; prepare the fruit the same
as for cooking. Fill the hot jars with the fruit, drained, and pour in
enough hot syrup to fill the jar solidly. Run the handle of a silver
spoon around the inside of the jar. Place the hot jars, uncovered, and
the covers, in a moderate oven.
Cover the bottom of the oven with a sheet of asbestos, the kind plumbers
employ in covering pipes, or put into the oven shallow pans in which
there are about two inches of boiling water. Cook berries to the boiling
point or until the bubbles in the syrup just rise to the top; cook
larger fruits, eight to ten minutes or according to the fruit. Remove
from the oven, slip on rubber, first dipped in boiling water; then fill
the jar with boiling syrup. Cover and seal. Place the jars on a board
and out of a draft of air. If the screw covers are used tighten them
after the glass has cooled.
Large fruits, such as peaches, pears, quince, crab-apples, etc., will
require about a pint of syrup to each quart jar of fruit. The small
fruit will require a little over half a pint of syrup.
Pick over, wash and drain four quarts of large, perfect cranberries; or
stem and then stone four pounds of large cherries, use a cherry pitter
so cherries remain whole. Place a tablespoon of hot water in a jar, then
alternately in layers cherries or cranberries and sugar (with sugar on
top), cover closely. This amount will require four pounds of sugar. Bake
in a very slow oven two hours. Let stand. Then keep in a cool, dry
place. The cranberries will look and taste like candied cherries, and
may be used for garnishing.

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