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Cheesecake No 1

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take four quarts of new milk and a pint of cream; put in a blade or two

of mace, with a bag of ambergris; set it with as much runnet as will

bring it to a tender curd. When it has come, break it as you would a

cheese, and, when you have got what whey you can from it, put it in a

cloth and lay it in a pan or cheese-hoop, placing on it a weight of five

or six pounds, and, when you find it well pressed out, put it into an

earthen dish, bruising it very small with a spoon. Then take two ounces

of almonds, blanch and beat them with rose-water and cream; mix these

well together among your curd; sweeten them with loaf-sugar; put in

something more than a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, with the yolks

of six eggs mixed together. When you are ready to put it into crust,

strew in half a pound of currants; let the butter boil that you make

your crust with; roll out the cakes very thin. The oven must not be too

hot, and great care must be taken in the baking. When they rise up to

the top they are sufficiently done.

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