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Cheesecake No 2

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Blanch half a pound of the best sweet almonds, and beat them very fine.

Add two spoonfuls of orange-flower or rose-water, half a pound of

currants, half a pound of the finest sugar, beaten and sifted, and two

quarts of thick cream, which must be kept stirred over a gentle fire.

When almost cold, add eight eggs, leaving out half the whites, well

beaten and strained, a little beaten mace and finely powdered cinnamon,

with four well pounded cloves. Mix them well into the rest of the

ingredients, keeping it still over the fire as before. Pour it well

beaten into puff-paste for the oven, and if it be well heated they will

be baked in a quarter of an hour.

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