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Cherries To Preserve No 1

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take either morella or carnation; stone the fruit; to morella cherries

take the jelly of white currants, drawn with a little water, and run

through a jelly-bag; to a pint and a half of jelly, add three pounds of

fine sugar. Set it on a quick fire; when it boils, skim it, and put in a

pound of stoned cherries. Let them not boil too fast at first; take them

off at times; but when they are tender boil them very fast till they are

very clear and jelly; then put them into pots or glasses. The carnation

cherries must have red currant jelly; if you have not white currant

jelly for the morella, codling jelly will do.

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