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Cherries To Preserve No 2

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To three quarters of a pound of cherries stoned take one pound and a

quarter of sugar; leave out a quarter of a pound to strew on them as

they boil. Put in the preserving-pan a layer of cherries and a layer of

sugar, till they are all in; boil them quick, keeping them closely

covered with white paper, which take off frequently, and skim them;

strew the sugar kept out over them; it will clear them very much. When

they look clear they are done enough. Take them out of the syrup quite

clear from the skim; strain the syrup through a fine sieve; then put to

it a quarter of a pint of the juice of white currants, put them into the

pan again, and boil it till it is a hanging jelly. Just before it is

quite done put in the cherries; give them a boil, and put them into

pots. There must be fourteen spoonfuls of water put in at first with the


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