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Chicken White Fricassee Of

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut in pieces chickens or rabbits; wash and dry them in a cloth; flour

them well, and fry in clarified butter till they are a little brown,

but, if not enough done, put them in a stewpan, and just cover them with

strong veal or beef broth. Put in with them a bunch of thyme, an onion

stuck with cloves, a little pepper and salt, and a blade of mace. Cover

and stew till tender, and till the liquor is reduced about one half. Put

in a quarter of a pound of butter, the yolk of two eggs beat, and a

quarter of a pint of cream. Stir well; let it boil; if not thick enough,

shake in some flour; and then put in juice of lemon.

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