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Coffee To Make The Foreign Way

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take Demarara--Bean Dutch coffee--in preference to Mocha coffee; wash it

well. When it is very clean, put it in an earthen vessel, and cover it

close, taking great care that no air gets to it; then grind it very

thoroughly. Put a good half pint of coffee into a large coffee-pot, that

holds three quarts, with a large table-spoonful of mustard; then pour

upon it boiling water. It is of great consequence that the water should

boil; but do not fill the coffee-pot too full, for fear of its boiling

over, and losing the aromatic oil. Then pour the whole contents

backwards and forwards several times into a clean cup or basin, wiping

the basin or cup each time--this will clear it sufficiently. Let it then

stand ten minutes, after which, when cool, pour it clear off the grounds

steadily, into clean bottles, and lay them down on their sides, well

corked. Do not throw away your coffee grounds, but add another

table-spoonful of mustard to them, and fill up the vessel with boiling

water, doing as before directed. Be sure to cork the bottles well; lay

them down on one side, and before you want to use them set them up for a

couple of hours, in case any sediment should remain. Let it come to the

boil, always taking care that it is neither smoked nor boils over. All

coffee should be kept on a lamp while you are using it.

By following this receipt as much coffee will be obtained for threepence

as you would otherwise get for a shilling; and it is the best possible


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