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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Still another way is to make croutons. Cut stale bread into small
pieces, size of dice, brown in hot oven and serve with soup instead of
serving crackers. Small pieces of bread that cannot be used otherwise
should be spread over a large pan, placed in a moderate oven and dried
until crisp. They may then be easily rolled fine with a rolling-pin or
run through the food chopper and then sifted, put in a jar, stood in a
dry place until wanted, but not in an air-tight jar. Tie a piece of
cheese-cloth over the top of jar. These crumbs may be used for
crumbing eggplant, oysters, veal cutlets or croquettes. All should be
dipped in beaten white of eggs and then in the crumbs, seasoned with
salt and pepper, then floated in a pan of hot fat composed of 2/3 lard
and 1/3 suet. All except veal cutlets. They should be crumbed, not
floated in deep fat, but fried slowly in a couple tablespoonfuls of
butter and lard.
Also fry fish in a pan of hot fat. Shad is particularly fine, prepared
in this manner (when not baked). Cut in small pieces, which when
breaded are floated in hot fat. If the fat is the right temperature
when the fish is put in, it absorbs less fat than when fried in a
small quantity of lard and butter.

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