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Currants To Bottle

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Gather your fruit perfectly dry, and not too ripe; cut each currant from

the stalk separately, taking care not to bruise them; fill your bottles

quite full, cork them lightly, set them in a boiler with cold water, and

let them simmer a quarter of an hour, or according to the nature and

ripeness of the fruit. By this process the fruit will sink; pour on as

much boiling water as will cover the surface and exclude air. Should

they mould, move it off when you use the fruit, and you will not find

the fruit injured by it. Cork your bottles quickly, after you take them

out of the water; tie a bladder over, and put them in a dry place. This

method answers equally well for gooseberries, cherries, greengages, and


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