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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

For these quaint-looking, delicious biscuits, a sponge was prepared
consisting of:
1 pink milk.
3 eggs.
1/2 cup mixture butter and lard.
1 yeast cake (Fleischman's).
About 7 cups flour.
Set to rise early in the morning. When well risen (in about 3 hours),
roll dough into a sheet about 1/4 inch in thickness, cut with a
half-pound baking powder can into small, round biscuits, brush top of
each one with melted butter (use a new, clean paint brush for this
purpose), place another biscuit on top of each one of these, and when
raised very light and ready for oven brush top of each biscuit with a
mixture consisting of half of one yolk of egg (which had been reserved
from the ones used in baking), mixed with a little milk. Biscuits
should have been placed on a baking sheet some distance apart, let
rise about one hour until quite light, then placed in a quick but not
_too hot_ an oven until baked a golden brown on top.
Mary gave these the name of "Quaker Bonnet" Biscuits, as the top
biscuit did not raise quite as much as the one underneath and greatly
resembled the crown of a Quaker bonnet.
From this quantity of dough was made three dozen biscuits. These are
not cheap, but extra fine.

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