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Farcie To Make

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take the tender part of a fillet of veal, free from sinew, and mince it

fine, with a piece of the fat of ham, some chopped thyme, basil, and

marjoram, dried, and a little seasoning according to the palate. Put the

whole in a stewpan, and keep stirring it till it is warm through; then

put it on a sieve to drain. When the liquor has run from it, pound the

farcie, while warm, in a mortar, adding the drained liquor, by degrees,

till the whole is again absorbed in the meat, which must be pounded very

fine. Put it in an earthen pot, and steam it for half an hour with a

slice of fat ham; cover over the pot to prevent the steam from getting

to it; when cold, pour on some good jelly made of the lean of ham and

veal, and take care to pour it on cold (that is, when the jelly is just

dissolved,) otherwise it will raise the farcie. When livers are to be

had, put a third of them with the ham and veal, as above directed, and

the farcie will be better.

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