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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

When cooking any article to be immersed in fat use about this
proportion: 2 pounds of sweet lard to 1 of suet, which had been
previously tried out. It is cheaper, also more wholesome, to use part
suet than to use all lard. Save all pieces of left-over fat, either
raw or cooked, from steaks, roasts, bacon or ham. Cut all up into
small pieces and place in a pan in the oven until tried out, or put in
a double boiler and stand over boiling water until fat is tried out.
Strain and stand aside to be used as drippings. To clarify this fat,
pour boiling water over, let cook a short time, strain and stand away
in a cool place, when a cake of solid fat will form on top, which may
be readily removed and used as drippings, or it may be added to the
kettle of fat used for deep frying. Always strain fat carefully after
frying croquettes, fritters, etc. Should the frying fat become dark
add to the can of soap fat the economical housewife is saving. Return
the clear-strained fat to the cook pot, cover carefully, stand aside
in a cool place, and the strained fat may be used times without number
for frying. The housewife will find it very little trouble to fry
fritters, croquettes, etc., in deep fat, if the fat is always strained
immediately after using, and returned to the cook pot, kept especially
for this purpose. Stand on the hot range when required and the fat
will heat in a few minutes, and if the fat is the right temperature,
food cooked in it should not be at all greasy. When the housewife is
planning to fry fritters or croquettes she should, if possible, crumb
the articles to be fried several hours before frying, and stand aside
to become perfectly cold. When the fat for frying is so hot a blue
smoke arises, drop in the fritters or croquettes, one at a time, in
order not to chill the fat or plunge a frying basket, containing only
a couple of fritters at a time, in the hot fat, as too many placed in
the fat at one time lowers the temperature too quickly and causes the
fritters to be greasy and soggy. To test the fat before dropping in
the fritters, if a small piece of bread is dropped in the fat and
browns in about one minute the fat is the right temperature for frying
fritters, and fritters fried at the correct temperature should be a
rich brown and not at all greasy. When removing fritters from hot fat
place on coarse brown paper to absorb any remaining fat. Fritters
composed of vegetables, or oysters, should be served on a platter
garnished with parsley, and fritters composed of fruit, should have
pulverized sugar sifted over them liberally. Should a small piece of
bread brown in the fat while you count twenty, fat is the correct
temperature for frying croquettes, but is too hot for frying crullers
or any food not previously cooked.

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