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Greengages To Preserve

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Gather the plums before they are too ripe, and take as much pump water

as will cover them. Put to the water a quarter of a pound of

double-refined sugar, boil it, and let it stand to be cold. Prick the

greengages with a large needle in four places to the stone; wrap each of

them lightly in a vine-leaf, and set them over a slow fire to green. Do

so for three days running; on the last day, put in a spoonful of old

verjuice or lemon-juice, and a small lump of alum. Next day draw them,

and, after taking off the vine-leaves, put them in a thick syrup, first

boiled and cleared. Finish them by degrees, by heating them a little

every day till they look clear.

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