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Ham To Cure No 14

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a quantity of spring water sufficient to cover the meat you design

to cure; make the pickle with an equal quantity of bay salt and common

salt; add to a pound of each one pound of coarse brown sugar, one ounce

of saltpetre, and one ounce of petre-salt; let the pickle be strong

enough to bear an egg. If you design to eat the pork in a month or six

weeks, it is best not to boil the pickle; if you intend it for the year,

the pickle must be boiled and skimmed well until it is perfectly clear;

let it be quite cold before you use it. Rub the meat that is to be

preserved with some common salt, and let it lie upon a table sloping, to

drain out all the blood; wipe it very dry with a coarse cloth before you

put it into the pickle. The proportion of the pickle may be this: four

pounds of common salt, four pounds of bay salt, three pounds of coarse

sugar, two ounces of saltpetre, and two ounces of petre-salt, with a

sufficient quantity of spring water to cover what you do, boiled as

directed above. Let the hams lie about six weeks in the pickle, and

then send them to be smoked. Beef, pork, and tongues, may be cured in

the same manner: ribs of beef done in this way are excellent.

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